The value in Microsoft’s MVP Program

A couple of weeks ago I was rewarded my Microsoft MVP award for the 13th year and I genuinely was excited at the prospect. Reawards are never a given with commitment and hard work involved, but you never know. Bit like for those of us that have experienced proposing to someone…you think they’ll say yes but there’s a slight chance they might not….which makes it all that much more exciting.

Upon the congratulations email coming through I thought to myself
Why now am I more excited about the mvp program than ever before?

Was it the low level technical detail on offer from the product teams? The level of how ‘plugged’ in we are into the areas that matter? or the fact as an individual you’ve got the ability to help shape the technology if so desired…

I think it comes down to a combination of things

  • The rate of change in the technology space is faster than it’s ever been before. Microsoft need feedback (Aka the MVP community) and the MVP’s need a place to go to seek further detailed information.
  • The relationship between Microsoft and the MVPs is a real relationship with both parties adding real value. This is one area I feel Microsoft has worked hard in over the years to allow the product teams to be more engaged with the MVPs and visa versa.
  • The level of support from Microsoft within the MVP program is amazing and at many levels – from the low technical details through to shaping and validating cloud business cases.
  • It’s not necessarily an ‘elitism club’ – you work hard particularly in the community and reach people then being an MVP is something attainable. It inspires people to strive to reach…”…and in a couple of years I want to get my MVP…” as I on board them into our teams.

Congrats to Microsoft for continuing to innovate and build a truly amazing program, and congrats to the MVPs whom devote so much of their time, energy and effort in striving to be the best they can be, but also providing the best for their communities around them.

One thing is for sure…it would be much more difficult to do my job today if it weren’t for such programs.

Thank you!


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