Everything IoT HackLAB day

Earlier this month I was asked to help out on the EverythingIoTHackLAB event helping teams in their adventure and making sure they were plugged into the right pieces of cloud computing they needed.

It was amazing to see to course of a day what could be built!!! Not just the tech, but the marketing, business cases/pitches and bringing it all back together as their technology laid the platform (we’re not talking days or weeks here…but hours)

The teams across the room worked pretty hard with several great ideas coming to fruition.

From the cloud perspective it was impressive to see teams tying in Azure Cognitive Services, Azure IoTHub through to Data analytics and PowerBI interactive graphs in a mere couple of hours with no prior experience.

I believe the key to the day is innovate where it makes sense for you & software as a service for the other pieces.

Many great ideas were developed this day with a couple of teams catching my eye:

  1. Smart Bus Stop with an NFC aware bus stop that is designed for the elderly and hard at seeing, to interact with the transport system from an Application that talks to them. Brilliant by the @theiconic group.
  2. Smart food waste management from @gronade where they used vision recognition to determine whether food is off or not. It is also weighed and a price is determined. On the back of this they came up with the food waste economy where these items can be purchased at reduced rates.

Both these teams got into the finals with @theiconic winning the day!!!

Well done & thanks to EverythingIoTHackLAB for putting on such a great event.

See you next time.


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