World of IoT & connected software + devices – why do we care?

Today I gave a Masterclass  at Stone&Chalk whom are doing great stuff innovating the exciting FinTech sector.

Speaking on anything IoT is always an exciting prospect, exploring what hasn’t been done before. Solving real world problems and making a difference in the world.

It was a great morning talking to a room full of bright eyed – ready to take on the world attitudes and create amazing things.

My presentation was around IoT and turning IoT into real world scenarios with meaningful outcomes. Not just talking about it, but how to actually do it.

Feel free to grab the slide deck below and I’m always happy to chat.




  1. Aren’t you preaching to the converted? Surely everyone agrees with your postulations but you don’t tell people how to go about it. We need to start that conversation, not keep telling everyone what they all intuitively know, even without the research. We’re ready to have that conversation – is there anyone else? Innovation comes from action, not discussion.

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  2. Hi Geoff, great points in your comments. Absolutely 200% percent agree with you around action – in the presentation I actualy spoke about 4 real world examples we did. What the problem space was, how we solved it; devices, sensors etc. & what the start to finish looked like.

    My main aim of the presentation was to make it real for people – cut through the fluff and focus on what delivered solutions look like today.

    In the way of research – these are the measurables that businesses subscribe to. While people intuitively know about for e.g. watering, there’s so much more granular detail we can gather through sensors (or otherwise let’s not do it at all – if we’re telling people what they already know). e.g. Soil composition (clay etc.) through to what areas of the fields need more water than others. For AgTech ultimately it’s about getting the best yield they can from the crops they grow.

    I believe the phase where we’re at, we start off small – win & grow the solution. No point in measuring, gathering info that is of no benefit.

    Have a good one & go the Wallabies!


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