Penny you’ll be missed… 2016


I thought I’d reserve my digital space in tribute to Penny and this amazing woman where she was suddenly moved on from our party of life this week, almost without warning.

Here one day, gone the next.

Amazing spirit, love for life and superb sense of humour that rivaled the best. I was in tears most times.

Penny was our friend first, and Microsoft account manager second. Those lines were often blurred and she made a point in treating the person. She brought many many many unique life experiences to the table and had an amazing outlook.

She was able to assert her amazing influence in life with her young family and hopefully many years to come from where ever Penny is. In her family life she stepped up above and beyond what you might think is ‘normal’ or what a ‘compassionate’ person would do.

Penny, life is short, you lived each moment….

“Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.”

Till our next chat…




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