Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 – Results


Yesterday on Saturday the 16th, we organised and participated in a global Azure initiative. Many cores were spun up, memory used and giving the Azure Regions a run for their money.

We had a great audience in Sydney from first timers through to experienced folks who were looking for that fine edge.

We had sessions on:

  • Running Background Jobs in Azure and all the considerations to make.
  • Using Azure Resource Manager to streamline deployments
  • Creating a mobile application in 20 minutes using Power Apps
  • Running Tin-less Solutions using Azure Functions.
  • plus many other tid-bits along the way – nano server, iot, containers, identity…

Big thanks to the Speaker line up whom also helped made the day possible:

  • Rene Brauwers
  • Simon Waight
  • Namit TS
  • (yours truly)

Big thanks to Microsoft for organising and helping through out the day:

  • Christian Longstaff
  • Michael Friedrich

And importantly – thanks to all of you who turned up.

I will be emailing the details of the slide decks shortly.

Great day and amazing results.

Till next time.




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