Microsoft Hololens arriving soon

By now you’ve heard a bit around the Hololens coming out of Microsoft.

Few quick points I’ve read:

  • Runs Win 10 core
  • Totally independent wireless unit
  • 2-5 hours battery life (I’d say this will change)

What makes it special:

  • The units create a 3D world at a point in space
  • 3D worlds are shared between units (think augmented reality…think Microsoft’s Minecraft being a shared creation world)
  • Development for the unit follows *exactly* the same path as for normal Win 10 apps.
  • Fully wireless.
  • The units talk to each other and share their 3D worlds (I’d say this would be an app the unit runs)
  • You can get started from the MS Holographic academy – check out a few videos.
  • Purchase path for the Developer Units  from Microsoft.

So definitely the immersive experience is coming this year, with other manufacturers already out with an offering. The screen res and hardware on the Hololens makes it pretty special for sharing scenes and moments together.

The classic example is between an architect and builder (& possibly the owner), where the builder is actually in the building looking at it. They have a query and get the architect on the ‘line’ with their Hololens on as well (whom might be back at their office)

Together the 2 of them have a rich interactive visual experience around the query.

So think of remote surgery, medical specialists etc would be another example I could see.

Each person in the Hololens world can annotate and draw in space and time which can be shared by all – pretty cool.

Lastly on another note…. here’s a way where scientists believe they have found a way to accelerate learning…matrix style…almost….  Download knowledge to your brain

We’re getting a unit at the end of March so I’ll be sure to fill you in on the experience.

Definitely exciting times.






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