Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 – It’s HERE!

Hi folks, on April 16th right round the world…say that again…right round the world…(“ spin me right round baby right round…”) will be the Global Azure Bootcamp again.

We (local and interstate community experts) are running it on April 16th at Microsoft Sydney – 8.30 kick off.

It’s a great day with a world wide lab that we run – imagine running an algorithm on 1000’s of cores… come and experience it.


It’s a FREE event – we put this on for love. There’s all aspect of Azure that we will cover.

So come along and join us in the comfort of the Microsoft offices, bring your laptop and register here!!!

Global Info About the Day

Registration: Global Azure Bootcamp 2016

#GlobalAzure – keep track of it.

See you there – space is limited and only register if you are really really really coming (I’d understand if you got ask to marry someone, or your lotto numbers dropped)




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